Kevin Chromik Mobile Software Engineer

DIY - How to build your own smart lamp with Raspberry Pi

Find the source code of this project here. This project contains three parts: LED Control client for iOS LED Server running on Raspberry Pi Homebridge config Install Raspbian On the Raspberry PI you must run Raspbian and connecting to your local network. Install Swift First step is to install Swift by adding the swift-arm repo: curl... Read more

Der härteste Spaziergang meines Lebens

100 km. 24 Stunden. Zu Fuß! Das Ziel ist klar definiert. Es ist ja nur Gehen, also kein Laufen und auch nichts Schweres tragen. Ich habe schon einiges in den letzten beiden Jahren gemacht. Beispielsweise das Spartan Race Trifecta Wochenende 2017 in Oberndorf, Tirol. Dort musste man in 2 Tagen 3 Rennen durchlaufen mit insgesamt 52 km und ordentli... Read more

FlickPlayer - Master's Thesis

The scope of my Master thesis’ project was the implementation and evaluation of a gesture-based video player. By definition, the user should be able to navigate within a video by using flick gestures, which means a fast slide across the screen. This behaviour is already used by mobile devices to navigate within a list. By using flick gestures, t... Read more